December 20th, 2013

Starting in 2014 every other Wednesday we’re going to have WL Pick Up & Sesh at the WL Workshop. With rolling out in 2014 you can order 24/7 and pick up on Wednesdays at the WL Workshop and Sesh. We’re going to have a parking block, rails and a quarter pipe to skate. We plan on having cookouts, music, Skate Movies, art shows, bands, DIY screen printing and soo much more. So every WL Pick Up and Sesh will be something you won’t want to miss. This will be taking place at the Fickle Ramp Room in Cincinnati on Saturday mornings as well. Bringing our skate community together, it’s what we do. More info coming soon. Thank you ALL for the SUPPORT. Address to the WL Workshop – 1117 Deloss St, Indianapolis, IN 46203 – NEVER GO TO THE WL WORKSHOP IN THE DAYTIME.  

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