January 30th, 2013

The SUMMER of 2013 will be SUMMER that WE take skateboarding BACK, to the BACKYARDS with the What Luck / Fickle BACKYARD JAMS. It’s not a contest, not a game of skate, NO BS, Just SKATERS HAVING FUN.

We’re looking for backyard ramps NOW for the What Luck / Fickle BACKYARD JAMS. If you have a backyard ramp in the Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky or Illinois please let us know. Even if your building one, let us know. We’ll come and help you build and turn that into a JAM. It’s time that we take skateboarding BACK. So if you own a ramp and would love for us to come and have a JAM in your backyard, click on the contact page and let us know. More info coming soon. Thank you.


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3 Responses

  1. Adam says:

    Gotta’ sick concrete pool bowl w/ deck and obstacles and 1/2 pipe. I’m in Willits, north on 101 from Santa Rosa. Not wood but really good concrete.

  2. Jeremy Bond says:

    We have a mini ramp at our skate shop that we just finished (about 99% finished), but we are trying to turn it into a bowl. We would love you guys to come and put on a show for us at The Skate Shed. If that doesn’t fit into the theme (because we are a shop), then I know of two local skaters that have mini ramps in their backyard that would love to have you! Hope you can make it down to Columbus, GA this summer!

  3. Check out my yard. This ones in California but thought you might enjoy. Finnif skate team is setting the bar for backyard ramps this year. Were still working on thus one but check it out. Live what you guys are doing. I just got four acres in Michigan. Going to build a incredible set up out there thus year as well. Aloha.