Check it out, What Luck Skateboards will have it’s own Old School Crew called The R&S Crew. Soooo Stoked about this, and YES key members in the R&S will be getting their own BRO BOARDS, Killer deals and more. R&S stands for Respect and Support. We’re looking for people to help push What Luck to the next level but we want to keep it FUN. R&S is the way. More info coming SOON. Hector Roman will be the key guy of the crew. He’s been down from day 1 and it’s time to show some R&S to him. Phil Parsons & Michael Bartholomew are in the R&S crew as well. Stoked for you guys. Skate for FUN and good things will COME. Skate for Fame and your just Lame. Easy as that.